Larry Dee Christy

“My Photographs are my collective experiences and reactions
that I have been privileged to have an interaction with
and that enables me to point a camera in the right direction to capture
a moment in time.”


I’d Rather My Art Be Seen In Thousands of Homes,
Than Be In One Magnificent Room Unseen.


“I  choose to price my work reasonably and affordable compared to my peers; my goal is to produce art that I love so as many people possible are able to purchase my work as possible.  I do what I love, I remained independent and I pay for my equipment, supplies and photo trips. I am very fortunate to be able to accomplish this.”

Larry Christy

A Southern Illinois born photographer, Larry Dee Christy graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1970 during the summer of riots spurn from the break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters. A time of exploding discontent with the Viet Nam war and Woodstock, hippies, long hair and idealism. I started photography during this time and continued while traveling the world with the U.S. Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force and with the advent of the digital camera I traveled Southern Illinois back roads and found rural life and nature so exciting that I felt it had to be remembered. Each picture brought me closer to the realization that a story is told in each picture and that every picture is a 1000 pictures and one just has to open their eyes to see the world in the photographs. I consider myself an amateur picture taker because I feel professionals are just to hung up on making a living that they  forget the excitement of finding a great shot and the opportunity to get a photograph.

I recently read that we are given one famous shot in our lifetime and I feel that I have been blessed with two.

In the early days I specialized in black and white using a Mamiya 500 DTL SLR just because of the cost of color processing. I did my own developing and printing. I continued taking pictures for many years but not seriously. As time went by I have found a passion for taking very special pictures that are found and natural. I spend tons of hours driving back roads just to find the right subject and the right light to make a special memory. I shoot to make me happy and if someone tells me that they like my pictures then I am also happy that I brought a ray of happiness into their life. Enjoy my pictures and if you decide you would like one to hang on your wall we can make arrangements for that to happen also.

Canon EOS 20D

I moved on to the digital age with a Sony digital with CD storage and then a Micronta digital and settle with a Canon EOS 20D which I took so many pictures I think I wore it out and it died gently thus allowing me to upgrade to my present Canon EOS 7D

I now use a Canon EOS7D and hopefully later this year I will add a Canon EOS5D Mark III to my equipment list.

Canon EOS7D                                          Canon EOS5D Mark III

Now onward to using the 7D to bring you higher quality shots.

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Equipment used:

  • Canon EOS7D
    w/ 28-135 mm Canon Lens
    Speedlite Flash
    Alien Bee Lighting

I moved from using a Sony Digital in the early days of digital cameras to Micronta to Canon EOS20D with an earlier version of the 28-135mm Canon Lens to the EOS7D.

The EOS7D is a 21MegaPixel camera with a 1.6 CCD sensor.


Photoshop CS5 with Topaz Filters

ACD Systems Pro

MS Windows 7 Professional – 64Bit with 16GB Memory
Intel I7 w/16HN – 800 @ 2.8GHz
3 View Sonic 1080p – Full HD LED 22″ Monitors
Dual ATI Radeon HD4670 Video Adapters



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